What is Complementary Medicine?

Complementary medicine is becoming popular in western world, every year millions of consultation is taking place and statistics says that one in every three persons have tried it. It is really helpful for chronic conditions which could not be treated with other medications.

Now it is widely accepted in orthodox medicines that doctors are either trained in this or referring patients to complementary therapies or incorporating complementary therapist into their practice. So, nowadays complementary medicine is very common in specialists, hospitals, gyms, schools, beauty clinics.

While this form of medicine has become popular, patients are asking for its effectiveness and safety. Hence complementary medicine practitioners are well trained and their professional associations are working hard to raise the standards.

Complementary medicine was once called as alternative medicine as it was treated as alternative to orthodox, allopathic medicine. Few accepted alternative medicine terminology while others felt that is forming a barrier between complementary and orthodox medicine while both can work very well together. Hence the name complementary medicine came into picture.

So what forms complementary medicine? ancient traditions provides root to this like the medical systems of India, China, Tibet. While the argument continues that these medications like Traditional Chinese medicines should not be considered as alternative medicines as they were practiced for thousands of years. But their revitalization puts them in modern health care approach firmly.

Complementary therapies are developed from ancient roots such as acupuncture from Traditional Chinese medicine while others like osteopathy developed recently from the work of an US army doctor.

Osteopathy, chiropractic, acupuncture, herbalism and homeopathy are well established in UK while naturopathy is also well established in US, Germany and Australia. Few other therapies like nutritional therapy is also growing popular.

Osteopathy and Chiropractic have become mainstream in UK as they are regulated by law and included in medical insurance practiced on the National Health Service. It is referred for health problems such as back and neck pain by the practitioners. As a matter of fact for some people this is considered as professions allied to medicine.

Controversy exists with complementary medicines too particularly on homeopathy developed in 18th century in Germany whether it is all in mind or really does it work? Cranial osteopathy a subtle form of osteopathy is also in question.

Crystal, color, and light therapy even though has committed and serious practitioner is considered as weird and wacky.

Hope that you have got a good idea about what is complementary medicine?

Why it is Important to Choose Proper ADHD Medicines

Medicines are commonly used to treat ADHD. While some ADHD medicines are gentle and mild, others are more harmful and affect the overall physical health of the patient. There are some very harmful side effects of these medicines too. Did you know that close to 9% of the children who are administered the drugs get addicted to them? As a result, it is very important to choose the proper and correct ADHD medicines for your child. This article takes you through the advantages and disadvantages of the ADHD medicines.

Have you been wondering why your child is suddenly losing weight and finds it difficult to sleep at night? Well, if such problems are troubling your child, it may be due to the ADHD medicines that you have been giving them. The most common medicines of ADHD are Ritalin, Concerta and Vyvanse. Along with the relief in the symptoms of ADHD, these drugs also bring along a host of other ailments like high blood pressure, diarrhea, stomach cramps, anorexia and fever. Of course, these side effects can be lowered by monitoring the doses of the medicines, but my question is why must the child be subjected to this at all?

A child who suffers from ADHD has to anyhow face a lot of challenges and it is not fair to put them through even more hardships. So as a responsible parent, choose the ADHD medicines that are mild, gentle and free of any adverse effects. Herbal remedies, and even homeopathic medicines work very well in treating ADHD. These medicines are free of the harmful chemicals and help the child recover in a healthy manner.

No matter which ADHD medicine the child is taking, it is very important to ensure that the medicine is prescribed by a licensed medical doctor. Never give your child a medicine without consulting a physician as doing so may have some terrible effects and can even become life-threatening for your child. The same goes for dosages. If you feel the present dose isn’t sufficient or is too much, ask the doctor before any changes are made.

It can thus be seen how important it is to choose the proper ADHD medicines. Do not focus on short term benefits. I know it is very difficult to see your child suffer with ADHD and so you may feel tempted to go for a quick-fire treatment, but think of the harm you will bring upon the child by doing so. Invest a lot of time in choosing the best ADHD medicines and your child will benefit in a wholesome manner.

Medicine Used to Treat Autism

There are quite a few types of drugs used to treat Autism. These medicines will fall into different categories founded on the sort of problem that is being dealt with. Medication won’t cure the Autism, it just helps with a few of the problems connected with it. Here are some of the drugs used when dealing with an Autistic child.


This sort of medication is used to treat behavior problems in children with Autism. They can also be used to treat insomnia, and aggression. This sort of medicine should be used if behavior therapy is not working. Some times an Autistic child will try to harm their selves. Antipsychotic medicines can help control this.


Some Autistic children have seizures. This sort of medication is used in managing or preventing the seizures.

Depression and Anxiety Medicines

A huge part of Autistic children handle depression and anxiety. They need medicine to help control these feelings. These treatments are found to cause suicidal thoughts in a few kids. Be on the lookout for alterations in your kids behavior.


Children with Autism sometimes have a hard time falling asleep in the evening. They are given a sedative to help them sleep. There are natural alternatives that can be used as opposed to sedative drugs. They will not make your youngster dependent on them to go to sleep.


Stimulants are used in treating kids with hyperactivity. They are also used in youngsters that have a difficult time paying attention or condensing. These medicines can help their youngster focus longer. This can be of assistance for a school age child who is having issues being attentive in school. They can help a youngster who is having trouble staying focused on their school work. This can mean a difference in passing or failing.

Medications can help treat the problems found in Autistic children. Mothers and fathers need to be careful when applying any medicines with their kids. Large amount of these drugs may have terrible side effects. Each child will react differently to the medicine. If you notice the medicine is not helping consult your child’s doctor. Medicines ought to be blended with other types of therapy to successfully work in treating Autism. Always use the lowest effective dose of the drugs. Do not start or stop a medicine without talking to your youngsters physician first. Some Autistic children do not speak so it is important to view for alterations in their behavior. If they begin acting strange they may be having a reaction to the medicine, and need to see the doctor.

Medicine ought to be a last resort when dealing with Autism. If it must be used, combine the medicine with other forms of therapy for better results. Remember the medicine is not a remedy for Autism. The medicine just helps to lesson some of the signs the child is experiencing. Always be sure of the correct dose of medication to give your youngster. Chat to the physician about any long terms bad effects a consequence of the prescription. Also make certain to ask about any interactions with other treatments your youngster is taking. Sometimes medicine will be the only thing that helps your Autistic child. Just ensure the child is monitored for any side effects.

Blood Pressure Medicines – Remembering to Take Them

Are you currently taking medicine for your blood pressure? Do you take other medicine as well? Remembering to take any medicine can be a problem for to some individuals in particular when you need to take more than one at a time. Here are a few things that may help you recollect because it is very important you don’t forget to take your blood pressure medicine.

Some individuals purchase little pill boxes that help you organize your pills. You can purchase pill boxes that have one for every day of the week. You invest the pills you need to take into each box for each day. You can buy these nearly anywhere and they do be very helpful for those that are forgetful.

If you take medicine regularly you may try keeping it on your washroom sink. When you finish getting ready or even just brushing your teeth, you can take your medicine. Have your blood pressure medicine and any other medicine that you have to take right there. This is a good easy reminder.

Get into a routine. Taking the pressure of your blood pills at the same time every day will eventually get you in the trait and you won’t forget. If you need to take your medicine with food you could always take them every day with your lunch. Getting in the addiction of this is a great way to always remember the pressure of your blood pills again.

There are many people that put notes everywhere to remind them to act. Taking the pressure of your blood medicine is no different. Put up a note on your fridge or on your computer in the workplace. Every other day or every week change the color of the note and place it in a different spot; on the telephone, the mirror, the fridge, wherever you will see it.

A really great way to remember to take your blood pressure medicine is to produce your own little personal chart. Try to use different color pens or pencils if you’ve different medicines to take. This is a very neat and organized way to keep track and to help you recollect.

If none of these would work for you, try having a pal or relative give you a quick call throughout the day to remind you. While this might sound effective it may not work as well for some. If you take your blood pressure medicine when you are on the telephone with them it can be hugely helpful. If they just call to let you know and then you hang up, you could forget in that time.

If you have a computer and are savvy enough you could assemble a reminder. You can likewise find free services that will do this for you and send you a reminder email. Have it let you know to take the pressure of your blood and have it repeat until you have taken it and then delete it. Make it do this daily and you will remember to take the pressure of your blood medicine.

You can easily come up with your own creative ways of remembering to take the pressure of your blood medicine. Try a couple of various ways and see what works best for you. Once you enter a routine of taking it you shouldn’t have an issue remembering to take it

Why to Choose Alternative Medicine Courses?

The term “alternative medicine” describes various aspects of health and healing methods. This therapies have been around for thousands of years, but the last few years have increased the demand of this natural therapy. Approx 40% of the world population today uses different types of alternative medicine and that is the reason why the natural medicine jobs are now being known as viable forms of the treatment of diseases.

The use of this technique is a remarkable way to renew or preserve your health. A natural medicine program is a safe and healthier method to cure various diseases, which helps to provide complete mental, emotional, physical and spiritual balance in life. Choosing courses such as acupressure, nutritional counseling, herbology, yoga, reflexology, traditional Chinese medicine etc. will provide you better opportunities and a renowned career.

To become a therapist, you need to have the passion and interest to heal the needy and discover various sides of natural medicines because it is not just a profession, rather it is a discipline that modifies complete lifestyle and comes only with proper dedication.

Choosing natural medicine as a profession can be the most gratifying step for anyone. A lot of alternative medicine schools focus on natural medicine therapy to make you a specialized kinesiologist, acupuncturist, biofeedback therapist, massage therapist, energy healer, meditation leader or yoga instructor.

A professional natural medicine course prepares the student in a manner so that he develops into a professional practitioner who is capable of healing the patients by balancing modality of a natural medicine program. These colleges instruct the students in various natural principles and techniques to promote healthy living and cheerful thinking. You may follow various healing methods to promote the insight of diverse culture and modalities of health care.

To spread this extra ordinary healing method globally, a lot of alternative medical institutes offer professional alternative medicine courses that help to get proper understanding on various aspects of this therapy and helps a patient to gain absolute mental, physical and emotional strength. To become a professional health practitioner, make sure to choose a well-reputed alternative medicine institute!