Build Muscle Bulk With Ease – What 3 Things Do You Need to Know For Proven Results?

Have you tried to build muscle bulk only to find you were unsuccessful?  Or, maybe you have avoided it thinking you would be unable to achieve your goal because it requires too much time or work.  Well it’s time to give it a try if it’s your first time or try again if you’ve attempted to do so before.  But in your efforts, remember these three things to get proven results.

  1. Lifting the heaviest weight you possibly can doesn’t mean you will get results, especially the ones you are looking for.  Now you might be thinking I’m out of my gourd making a statement like this but I have my reasons.  Think back to when you are lifting heavy.  What does your form look like?  Are you throwing your back, arms, and legs into the mix when you are performing a chest press?  How do your pecs get the work if all of those other muscles are absorbing the majority of the effort?  What about going the full range of motion?  With the weight you are lifting, are you limited on how far back you can pull the weight on a seated row?  You’re cheating the primary muscles you are intending to work if you lift so heavy that you are foregoing proper form and technique.  Thus, you are compromising your results.
  2. While protein intake is important, it is not the only perquisite to building muscle bulk.  I know you’ve heard it a thousand times.  Protein, protein, protein if you want to build muscle.  Hey, I know.  I’ve done my share of protein supplementation because that’s what all the ads in the muscle mags said.  But then I learned the truth.  You can drink all of the protein you want, but if you aren’t lifting weights causing your muscle tissue to breakdown and then repair, you won’t build any muscle bulk.  See, the protein help in the repair process but it doesn’t provide the source of energy you need to perform the exercise.  That’s where carbs come into play.  In addition, the type of protein you consume doesn’t matter but nothing beat the good ole’ fashion protein found in the foods we eat.
  3. You don’t have to spend multiple hours at the gym on a daily basis to build muscle bulk.  In fact, sometimes excessive lifting can actually be detrimental to your efforts.  An effective workout to build muscle bulk really only takes an hour, two at the most.  That’s all!  In that time you can warm up, stretch, perform a full body weight lifting routine, get your cardio when applicable, and cool down.  And yes, all of those activities are key ingredients in your muscle building success.

These things pieces of information are important to remember if you are trying to build muscle bulk.  Plus, they go hand in hand with the following exercise routine:

Perform in pairs

Leg Press or Squats Hanging Leg Raises

Flat Bench Chest Press Seated Row

Incline Bench Press Lat Bar Pulldown

Arm work if desired: Barbell Bicep Curls Tricep Press

On all exercises… 1 warm/up set/10 reps at 60% maximum weight 3 sets/6-8 reps (last set to failure)

The truth is that when it comes to body building, most any workout will help someone who is just starting out to build muscle bulk. But for many people who want to literally transform their body, not just any workout will do. For example, slender or “skinny” people wouldn’t perform the same routine that the guys from WWF wrestling would. Typically you’ll find that different metabolism, muscle fiber type, flexibility, etc. means different routines are necessary to achieve optimal results.

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