Building Muscle Mass Now

Have you ever heard someone talk about building muscle mass? They will almost always say that they couldn’t build muscle for some reason. It could be that they didn’t have the right muscle workout, it could be that they didn’t want to build muscle mass because they were afraid to get too big. They go online and read as many bodybuilding tips and try to find all of these muscle building tips that will really help them in building muscle. Then they get in the gym and don’t get it done. Why isn’t it easy for them to building muscle mass?

1) Most people just don’t eat enough calories.

You see people in the process of building muscle mass will focus so much on their post workout meal that they don’t eat properly during the course of the day. The post workout meal will be so perfect, so point on that everyone forgets to eat in the proper combination to optimize the hormones that build muscle mass over the course off the day. One meal doesn’t decide how much muscle you build.

2) Look at what you do.

Most people don’t take a long hard look at what they do in the gym and what isn’t getting them results. Look at bodybuilders, they act like sculptors in that they analyze where they need to place muscle then they start working on it. If after a few weeks they didn’t build the amount of muscle that they wanted to then they’ll reassess what they are doing. Here’s the thing that most people don’t do though. They never look in the mirror and analyze their body nor do they look at what they are doing in the gym. You must be a sculptor.

3) The best results come from when you combine movements.

When I say combine movements, I mean using compound movements with isolation movements. Compound movements are fantastic for increasing your strength and working multiple muscle but in my building muscle mass experiences, I feel too beat down when I do the just compound movements. Now isolation movement, while only working one muscle, can help to target specific areas and increase overall muscle size. Plus your joints get a break.

If you are having a hard time building muscle mass then you need to reassess what you’re doing. You have to look at what hasn’t worked for you. With the internet an magazines today, you can read what has worked for other people. The biggest problem is that people end up copying other workouts and blending pieces together to make it their own. That way in a few months you can go back to your previous workout when you’re stuck and get results. Take all of the building muscle mass experiences from other people and blend it together to build the muscle that you want on your frame.

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