Getting Your Ex Back – Chances of Alcohol and Drug Abuse

Getting your ex back after being dumped is simply nerve-racking. In desperation, you may cling and plead for another chance. Typically, renewing relationships this way doesn’t work out well. During this depression, you’d be advised to move ahead with life. And this means stop obsessing about getting your ex back and accept what has happened.

So, everybody recommends doing anything to put your ex out of your mind. For this, some weak-willed and misguided ones among us resort to alcohol and drug abuse. That is a very damaging and risky option to adopt, regardless of what people say about going high, slackening nerves, relieving pain and frustration, etc. Some claim that the addiction controls the restricts the craze about getting their ex back. However, the abuse controls them actually, and all their acts.

At some point, most of us would be tempted to do it ‘just once’… but that’s a big No-No! You have to throw this lure off. We’ll help you understand how very wrong and lethal the above concept could get:

You already know the immediate and lasting effects of excessive consumption of alcohol and certain drugs. When you require immersing yourself in certain activities for your self-improvement, alcohol and drug abuse is not an option. It is even worse than your present trouble or raging desire to get your ex back. You see, the aim of diverting yourself is to restore your independence and self-confidence. However in this case, you’re depending on something can harm you physically and psychologically.

You might put your ex out of your mind for a few minutes or hours, but you would pretty much lose the grip of everything else in life. Abusing alcohol and drugs might wreak havoc in other spheres of life and commitment. This short-term distraction may cost you more than what you expect. There’s load of awful stuff that can happen if you get into the abuse. You are prone to reckless driving, getting busted for any offense, harming your ex, endangering your and others’ life, bringing disgrace to friends, family or yourself… and totally blow up the chances of getting your ex back. So, the answer to your problem isn’t in alcohol or any pill. Your motivation will help in the self-improvement. The resolution for it comes from within and gives you a better personality.

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