Why it is Important to Choose Proper ADHD Medicines

Medicines are commonly used to treat ADHD. While some ADHD medicines are gentle and mild, others are more harmful and affect the overall physical health of the patient. There are some very harmful side effects of these medicines too. Did you know that close to 9% of the children who are administered the drugs get addicted to them? As a result, it is very important to choose the proper and correct ADHD medicines for your child. This article takes you through the advantages and disadvantages of the ADHD medicines.

Have you been wondering why your child is suddenly losing weight and finds it difficult to sleep at night? Well, if such problems are troubling your child, it may be due to the ADHD medicines that you have been giving them. The most common medicines of ADHD are Ritalin, Concerta and Vyvanse. Along with the relief in the symptoms of ADHD, these drugs also bring along a host of other ailments like high blood pressure, diarrhea, stomach cramps, anorexia and fever. Of course, these side effects can be lowered by monitoring the doses of the medicines, but my question is why must the child be subjected to this at all?

A child who suffers from ADHD has to anyhow face a lot of challenges and it is not fair to put them through even more hardships. So as a responsible parent, choose the ADHD medicines that are mild, gentle and free of any adverse effects. Herbal remedies, and even homeopathic medicines work very well in treating ADHD. These medicines are free of the harmful chemicals and help the child recover in a healthy manner.

No matter which ADHD medicine the child is taking, it is very important to ensure that the medicine is prescribed by a licensed medical doctor. Never give your child a medicine without consulting a physician as doing so may have some terrible effects and can even become life-threatening for your child. The same goes for dosages. If you feel the present dose isn’t sufficient or is too much, ask the doctor before any changes are made.

It can thus be seen how important it is to choose the proper ADHD medicines. Do not focus on short term benefits. I know it is very difficult to see your child suffer with ADHD and so you may feel tempted to go for a quick-fire treatment, but think of the harm you will bring upon the child by doing so. Invest a lot of time in choosing the best ADHD medicines and your child will benefit in a wholesome manner.

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